The Dairy


Our dairy was founded in the early forties thanks to the hard work of several small farmers of the area. They hand down their experience through the years, teaching us to love our mountains and to appreciate their excellent products.


The dairy building in the early sixties

Our dairy is located in the Emilian Apennine mountain range at an altitude of 850 m. From the top of our hill, it's possible to enjoy the beauty of the Dolo valley, the Dragone valley and the Secchia valley. Small village by Toano, La Collina lies surrounded by the Apennine scenery, the same Countess Matilda of Canossa used to travel through on her way to Tuscany.

The dairy building today

We are now a group of young people running nine different farms, making the most of what our grandparents taught us. We carry forward with passion and love the hard work of farmers and producers of Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese, "The King of Cheeses".

What is Mountain

Discover why it is so good and natural.

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